Using your own gateway, router and other equipment

You may use your own equipment in place of the WightFibre supplied CPE, for example your own Router and Wireless Access Points. This means that you will use the service at your own risk, and will miss out on features provided as part of our standard service.

Network Support

Where you have chosen to use your own equipment, WightFibre will not provide configuration support to your equipment. You are responsible for all risks associated with connecting your own equipment to the open internet.

WightFibre will not provide either the Speed Guarantee or Whole Home WiFi guarantee to customers using their own equipment.

Equipment Setup

Where we have supplied a FibreTwist v1 with onboard telephone ports, WightFibre will not provide a SuperPod.

Where we have provided a WightFibre Hub and FibreTwist v2 (model P3410b) without VOIP support, will require the WightFibre Hub to remain in place but in bridge mode to support phone lines.

Plume Account

Where customer is using their own equipment, WightFibre will not provide Plume SuperPods or other WiFi products to extend coverage through the home.


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