Devices are disconnecting from the wireless network

  •  The farther away from the router you go, the weaker the wireless signal will be. Try moving closer to the router to see if the connection improves.
  •   Keep the router in the most central spot in the home and away from anything that might block its signal such as metal objects, bodies of water, reinforced concrete walls, foil-insulated walls, and other similar construction materials may severely weaken a wireless signal passing through it.
  •  The more devices that are sharing the wireless network, the less bandwidth is available for each device to use.  One or two devices may be ‘hogging’ bandwidth. Try disconnecting some of the devices to improve performance on other devices.
  •  All devices with an antenna are trying to send data over the air. Cordless phones, baby monitors, Bluetooth devices (i.e. wireless speakers, mouse) and neighboring wireless networks are all competing with the wireless network. Move  Wi-Fi devices away from other transmitting devices, or turn them off when not in use.


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