What actions have WightFibre taken to prepare for the Coronavirus?

Our network largely runs unattended during the normal course of business. Preventive maintenance is carried out routinely and faults are normally attended to quickly.  We expect our network to continue operating as normal in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak. Most faults on our network can be fixed remotely and so we expect to be able to continue to fix these in the event of an outbreak.

High usage levels should not impact the service, we have plenty of bandwidth to go around particularly on our new full-fibre network.

Our customer care, sales and network operations staff can work from home.  They have access to all company systems from home and so, subject to sickness levels in the event staff becoming infected, we expect to continue to offer service as usual across our normal opening hours.  In the event of high levels of illness we may have to reduce our opening hours.


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