My streaming video is buffering a lot?

With so many people now at home, streaming services are experiencing an unprecedented level of demand across the world. Some service providers are taking action by reducing video quality to maximise the number of people who can stream their video.

The WightFibre network, particularly our full-fibre network, has plenty of capacity and so should not be a bottleneck.

If you have more users at home using your broadband simultaneously on multiple tvs and tablets this might also be a factor, particularly if all the devices are on WiFi. The simplest step you can take to address this is to hardwire your tv set. TVs are the biggest consumers of bandwidth in the home so if you can move these off WiFi it will help enormously.

Customers on 50Mb service may wish to temporarily increase to 100Mb but this will only make a difference where you have multiple people at home using multiple services.


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