Can I set different parental controls on a person, device or location level?

Adblocking, Online Protection, and any custom Approve / Block lists can only be configured on a location, person, or device level. Content Access (parental control) settings can be configured on a person and device level.

Location level: Applies to all devices connected to the network.

Person level: Applies to all devices assigned to a person.

Device-level: Applies only to the single device only if unassigned. If the device is assigned to a person, the Content Access rule will be applied to that person.

What happens if you have different settings configured on different levels for a device?

Priority is given to the most specific settings for a device. For example, if Online Protection is disabled on a location level and enabled for a device, the setting is turned on for the device.

Additionally, if a location has a setting enabled, any new devices and profiles added will inherit the same settings by default.

If should be noted that if a device is assigned to a person, Content Access rules will always be the same for a person and their associated devices.


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