How can I tell if someone is home?

If you have assigned a primary device for everyone in your home, you can use the People Notifications feature to receive notifications when people return home or leave.

Enable People Notifications

  1. Open the More menu and tap on Notifications.
  2. Make sure People notifications are turned on and select the profiles for which you would like to receive alerts.

Viewing your People at Home history

  1. Open the People Profiles view of the HomePass App
  2. If you have set up People Profiles and assigned them primary devices, the history of when they’ve been home will appear at the top.
  3. You can use the arrows to cycle the daily event history from Today all the way to 6 days ago.

Each person’s status is based on when their assigned primary device connects and disconnects from the network. Because of this, it is important to assign suitable primary devices like mobile phones or Wi-Fi enabled smartwatches.

If their device disconnects because it is powered off or the Wi-Fi is turned off, it will show them as having left.

If you have Sense Alerts set up to be sent only when away (Smart Activation), those alerts will be sent 15 minutes after the last person with an assigned device disconnects from your network.


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