How do I access my home’s motion history?

What is kind of motion history is displayed?

There are two available historical views:

  • Motion Today – Each column represents an hour.
  • Motion Last 7 Days – Each segment represents 1 hour.

In each of the historical views, the colours in the charts represent the various states of the motion detection system.

  • Blue – Motion was detected (System unarmed)
  • Red – Motion was detected when people are away (System armed) and triggered a Sense Alert
  • Green – All people are away (System armed) and no motion is present in the 7-day view. Layered in the background of the Today view.
  • Grey – Plume Sense motion detection was turned off in the 7-day view. Layered in the background in the Today view.
  • The degree of transparency represents the intensity of the motion at the time.

How do view motion detection history?

  1. From the home screen, scroll down until you get to the Sense section.
  2. Tap on either the Today or Last 7 days buttons to view that historical view.


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