How do I view my speed test results?

ISP Speed Test

Want to verify that you’re receiving your internet plan’s advertised speeds? Plume Auto- runs an ISP Speed Test off of your Gateway pod every 6 hours as long as your network is idle, in order to provide you with an up-to-date number. You can also choose to run the ISP Speed Test anytime via the HomePass app on iOS and Android, even when you are not connected to your network.
To run the ISP Speed Test:

  1. Scroll to the Adapt section on the home page of the App.
  2. The latest result of the Internet Speed test will be shown, by tapping on it the Speed Test History will come up.
  3. Tap on Check Speed Now. This will trigger a speed test off of your gateway pod and provide you with the latest results.
  4. You can turn off the Auto-run ISP Speed Test using the toggle switch.

ISP Speed Test limits

The limit for WiFi 5 SuperPods is 1 GBps.

Why are there missing Speed Tests?

The most likely reason there would be a gap in the ISP Speed Test history is that your network was busy at the time the automatic test was scheduled. By default Plume runs an ISP Speed Test every 3 hours. If your network is busy at the scheduled time, that test will be skipped.

The Automatic ISP Speed Test will not run if your network is offline, your network is not busy or if the speed test servers are temporarily unresponsive. If this is the case, please check your connection and try running the test again at a later time.


Running a speed test may be affected by the performance of other connected devices, which is why they do not automatically run when the network is busy. ISP Speed Tests only test the connection at the Gateway pod. Use the Device SpeedTest feature to check the Wi-Fi performance on the other pods in the network.


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