What if Advanced IoT Protection blocks a site that is actually safe?

When an anomaly is detected, the device will automatically be placed into quarantine to protect the integrity of your network and the devices connected to it. Quarantining the device effectively places “Internet Only” permission on the device, allowing basic functionality while preventing access to your other home devices.

Advanced IoT Protection (AIP) uses machine learning on device network metadata to establish known behaviors. However, sometimes safe sites can be flagged as a false positive. If a new behavior comes across our large training samples or if device behaviors are updated by the vendor, the device may be incorrectly flagged. Learning happens continually to establish new normal behaviors, however can cause some alerts in the interim. If you trust the website the device is accessing, you can whitelist it for the device and for all devices in the home.

When Should I Remove a Device From Quarantine?

You should only remove a device from quarantine if you trust the website it was trying to access. On a quarantined device, there is a recommendation which will open a web search for the device’s manufacturer website, so you can do more research or find an updated firmware before removing the device from quarantine.

Removing a Device from Quarantine

  1. Open the device list and navigate to the Internet Only devices.
  2. Find the affected device. The affected device will be labeled: Device is quarantined.
  3. Tap on the quarantined device for more options.
  4. You can choose Unquarantine for 1 hour or Unquarantine permanently.

To learn more about the blocked activity, see How can I tell what events have been blocked by Online Protection?


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