Why am I not receiving Sense notifications when there is motion in my home?

These are the most common reasons for not receiving Sense Alerts: 

  1. Push notifications may have been disabled on your device. 
  2. The motion being detected is not enough to trigger a Sense alert. 
    • Alerts are triggered only if the motion event lasts at least 2 seconds (5 seconds with pet mode enabled) and within approximately 10-13 feet of a SuperPod or Sense enabled device. 
  3. The sensitivity is set too low for the amount of motion present.  
  4. Sense Alerts have been turned off. 
  5. Unless Smart Activation is disabled, notifications will not be sent if you and your other family members are home.
  1. When Smart Activation has been enabled for Sense alerts, all Primary devices assigned to people must have disconnected from the network for at least 15 minutes. This also means that if someone leaves their primary device at home, alerts will not go out.  
  2. Depending on your notification interval settings, not enough time has elapsed since your last alert. 


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