I can’t make calls

If you are currently unable to make calls on your telephone handset, follow these simple steps:

  • Check your equipment is set up properly and plugged in securely
  • Try another phone in the same socket to see if it’s the phone that’s faulty. Try a corded phone if you’ve been using a cordless one
  • If you’re using cordless phones, make sure they’re charged

If you are still unable to make calls, grab a small screwdriver and follow these steps:

  • Remove the two small screws on the front of your line box
  • Carefully pull away the bottom half of the socket to reveal the test socket in the bottom right-hand side
  • Now plug a phone you know is currently working into the test socket behind the face plate
  • Check the line by trying to make a call

If you still have the same problem in the test socket, you can call our customer service team on: 01983 242424 who can run a line test and arrange for one of our engineers to attend.

Please bear in mind that you’ll have to pay a charge of £45 if the engineer finds the problem is with your set-up or equipment.







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