Can I use Wake Up Call Reminder?

Worried about relying on your alarm clock for an important date? Set an alarm call on your phone and we will ring you at the time you chose.

This Feature is activated by dialing *73. At the time of activation, you will need to program the time at which the service is to ring your line with the wake-up call.

The time must be entered in military time as four consecutive digits ranging from 0000 to 2359. The time entered must be at least 10 min and no greater than 23 h and 45 min from the present time. The wake-up call is then generated at the next occurrence of that time.

The time at which the wake-up call is received is accurate to within 5 minutes of the specified time. Each wake-up call request is placed into a 5-minute time slot. For example, all wake-up call requests for times 1210, 1211, 1212, 1213, and 1214 are placed in the time slot beginning at 1210 and ending at 1214 and are processed beginning at 1210. After entering the time complete the operation with #

To activate a wake up call at 08:00 AM dial: *73 0800 #

Only one time can be active, if a different time needs to be added the existing activation will need to be deactivated using the feature deactivation code #73

To deactivate a wake up call at 08:00 AM dial: #73 0800 #

The length of the wake up call can be overridden by putting a value at the end of the time before the hash. The value 01 would represent 6 seconds, 02 would represent 12 seconds and 05 would represent 30 seconds.

To activate a wake up call at 08:00 AM for 30 seconds dial: *73 0800 05 #

To deactivate a wake up call at 08:00 AM for 30 seconds dial: #73 0800 05 #


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