Alexa Voice Controls

Our Alexa voice control has been made easier by simply just asking for the right command e.g Alexa go to BBC One.

These are the list of commands Alexa responds to

To go to a channel:

Alexa, go to BBC One,

Alexa, tune to Channel 103


Search in Live TV content

Alexa, Search EastEnders

Alexa, find programme called Frasier

Alexa, search for Peppa Pig


Watch Live TV programme

Alexa, Watch Homes Under the Hammer


Play a content from any app that is available in the Hubs

Alexa, play Grand Tour


Launch App

Alexa, to Launch Amazon Prime Video

Alexa, Go to Hopster

Alexa, Start Radioline


Pause / Play

Alexa, Pause

Alexa, Play



Alexa, go to Guide


Changing volume

Alexa,  Mute / Unmute

Alexa, Set volume to 40


HomePass 2.0





Service Updates

Planned Engineering


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