How do I set up Parental Controls for my device?

Parental Controls can be easily set up on your device for channels as well as for On Demand Apps from the ‘Settings’.
On your device, Go to MENU > Settings > personalisation > parental settings and Enter your PIN.
All your parental control options will be displayed.

Select the options for which you wish to set up the controls.
LOCK TV PROGRAMMES WITH GUIDANCE – Select this box if you wish to lock programmes that require guidance.
HIDE ADULT TV CHANNELS – Select this box if you wish to hide all adult channels
Lock TV programmes broadcast after the watershed (9:00pm – 5.30am)
TV CHANNELS LOCKED AND HIDDEN> You can set which channels you wish to hide and lock by clicking on this option
LOCK APPS – you can set additional controls per On Demand App (i.e. bar access to each individual App) in the On Demand section, like Amazon Prime Video, Hayu, Deezer etc…
Modify PIN – Change the PIN of your device.


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