10 Hidden Google Easter Eggs

Many of you will use Google on a daily basis to search for any numbers of questions such as when the clock goes back or what time Eastenders is on – but did you know that there are many hidden features (called Easter Eggs) which you can wow your friends with, or just use to pass some time?

We have chosen our favourite 10 Google Easter Eggs to share with you, but there are rumoured to be over 100 tricks, jokes and Easter Eggs hidden in Google at any one time. To enjoy the majority of these Easter Eggs, you just need to search the exact title that we have written below…



Type ‘Solitaire’ into your search bar to bring up the all-time classic game to enjoy at your desk!


Tic Tac Toe

By searching ‘Tic Tac Toe’, you can begin a game of noughts and crosses with the computer or with a friend. You can even set the level of difficulty from easy to impossible and the browser will keep tally of your score for you.


Flip a Coin

Got a decision to make and fast? Just enter ‘Flip a Coin’ or use your OK google voice search facility to open up a coin toss.


Roll a Die

When you search ‘Roll a Die’ the result is a die being thrown for you, great for if you’ve lost the vital piece of a board game.


What Sound Does A Cow Make?

This feature is particularly fun. You can Google ‘What Noise Does a ? Make’ and you are presented with some lovely images of animals which when clicked on will make their corresponding sounds – great for younger children.


Google in 1998

This feature does exactly what you’d expect – it presents you with what Google looked like in 1998, complete with plain text and old-fashioned logo.


Do a Barrel Roll

Some of you may remember Lylat Wars on Nintendo 64 where Peppy Hare shouts ‘Do a Barrel Roll!’- yes? Well this feature is made for you. (All it does is cause the screen to rotate 360 degrees).



Everyone loves Pacman and you can play Google’s version for free on their site by searching the famous title.


Atari Breakout

For this feature, you need to perform a Google image search. When your image search results have loaded, type Atari Breakout into the search bar at the top of the page. The result of these actions is your photo search results being turned into your own game of Atari Breakout – hours of fun at your desktop.


Zerg Rush

Typing ‘Zerg Rush’ into Google will make red and yellow zeroes fall from the top of the page and gradually devour your search results. This may take you by surprise the first time, but afterwards you will notice that it’s actually a game and you need to interact with it and try to stop them eating all your results for as long as possible.