Our expanding network
Working hard to bring full-fibre broadband to your area

Full-fibre • Ultrafast • Future-proof

Full-fibre broadband from WightFibre uses the latest technology made from optical fibre rather than copper. WightFibre full-fibre broadband uses this fibre optic cabling all the way from the exchange into your home. This compares to the Openreach network used by BT, Sky, TalkTalk and others, which uses fibre to the cabinet but then copper twisted pair from the cabinet to the home.

More Reliable

Bad weather or lots of people on the Internet at the same time might mean your current service sometimes drops out. With fewer electrical components in the network full-fibre broadband is more reliable and is not affected by the weather.

Easy to Install

Our expert engineers will lay a cable from the street by a route we agree with you into your home to your desired location. They will put everything back as it was and won’t leave until your full-fibre, ultrafast and future-proof broadband is up and running.


You might have heard the term Wayleave mentioned alongside our network expansion. It might seem complicated at first, but a Wayleave is simply the consent that WightFibre can carry out work on privately owned land or property. Whether you’re a developer, housing association, local authority, landlord or tenant, an access agreement must be obtained before WightFibre can install and maintain equipment on private land.

It’s really straightforward to get the access agreement you need to get your premises connected to our awesome services. For individual customers who are homeowners, to make things easy, the Wayleave is already included in our standard terms and conditions.

Download Wayleave document