WightFibre Curia Report 2024

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Revolutionising Connectivity on the Isle of Wight.

By 2024, full-fibre broadband on the Isle of Wight will:  

  •  Create 1,800 new jobs and safeguard 450 existing jobs 
  • Generate £328M of new business and £73M of existing business safeguarded 
  • Achieve Public sector savings of over £2M 
  • Have a social wellbeing, digital inclusion, upskilling and employment impact of £50.2M 

In a groundbreaking report released by Curia, the UK’s pioneering “do tank,” the transformative power full-fibre broadband on the Isle of Wight’s future is unveiled. By 2030, this digital revolution promises to: 

  • Ignite the local economy by generating £328M in new business and preserving £73M in existing ventures. 
  • Create a thriving job market with 1,800 new roles and the protection of 450 current positions. 
  • Drive public sector innovation with over £2M in savings. 
  • Foster community and skill development with an impact valued at £50.2M. 

The Curia Report 2024 provides an in-depth analysis of the transformative impact of gigabit-capable broadband on the Isle of Wight, focusing on the social, economic, and environmental benefits. For WightFibre, this report is a testament to the significant strides made in enhancing digital connectivity across the Island.

Report Statistics Highlights:

  • Since 2017, WightFibre has invested over £80 million in full-fibre broadband, covering 77% of the island, with plans to reach 99% by 2027. This unprecedented investment is not only boosting local businesses and employment but also fostering social inclusion, sustainability and much more.
  • The report states that £328M of new business gross value added (GVA) has been generated and £73M of business GVA is projected to be safeguarded by 2030. The report also forecasts that the annual addition to new business GVA will reach £86M by 2030.
  • Full-fibre broadband will help accelerate the growth of small business and home office start-ups, sole traders, flexible working, and new teleworkers living or relocating in the county. A new business start-up growth and a significant increase in remote working jobs advertised since 2020 have a dependency on gigabit-capable broadband availability.
  • WightFibre has recreated opportunity to expand technology-enabled care and digital health service monitoring services, thus, reducing the need for face-to-face healthcare for routine or observation appointments.
  • WightFibre’s Social Tariff product, Essential Broadband allows for an affordable service that opens wellbeing, employment, education, and health opportunities for all. By providing a free or reduced-price service for a digital hub in a community also creates the potential for maximising digital inclusion and building confidence and usage, to the point where the Internet becomes essential and can help transform lives.
  • A faster and more reliable full-fibre connection can give people the same levels of access to everything they can do online in an office, remotely from home. The research suggests that by enabling more people to work from home, a full-fibre nation could save 300 million commuting trips each year.

Access the Curia Report here to explore how improved connectivity is shaping the future of the Isle of Wight and driving WightFibre’s mission to create one of the best-connected places on the planet.