Complaints and Disputes

Code of Practice Regarding Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution for Domestic and Small Business Customers


WightFibre provides multi-channel Television, Internet and Telephone services to homes and businesses across the Isle of Wight. We care about always providing you with an exceptional service. However, there may be a time when you’re not happy with us or our services.

WightFibre is proud of our local, island based customer service and are committed to the highest possible levels of customer service.  We take every complaint seriously and will do our best to resolve all complaints to the satisfaction of our customer.

This WightFibre Complaints Code of Practice (“Complaints Code”) lets you know how to make a complaint and how to take your complaint further, if you need to. If you’re unhappy with any part of our service, please contact us and we’ll do our best to sort out your complaint or query.

Contact details

Communications House
56 Love Lane
Cowes PO31 7EU
Registered in England No 547 0659, Registered address as above.

Customer service phone number(s):
Customer services – 01983 242424
From a WightFibre line – 150 (free of charge)
Sales enquiries – 01983 240 240
Customer Service e-mail: E-mail Website:

About this Complaints Code

Ofcom requires that all ISPs have a complaints code of practice to protect residential and small business (meaning those businesses having 10 or fewer employees) customers (“Customers”). This Complaints Code covers the television, internet and telephone service (if you’ve chosen to use it) provided to you by WightFibre. You may also have rights under our compensation or refund policy and this Complaints Code doesn’t affect them.

Complaints Handling

WightFibre is committed to addressing your complaints or queries as fairly and quickly as possible. All members of our staff are aware of our Complaints Code and will always follow it to make sure guidelines are followed.

If you’re unhappy with our services please let us know as soon as you can by emailing or calling our Customer Support, using the contact details set out in below. If you prefer, you can send a letter to the address shown within the contact section (although this isn’t as fast). We’ll do our best to sort things out as quickly as possible. If you’re not able to make a complaint yourself, someone else that you’ve “nominated” to manage your customer account on your behalf can make the complaint for you. If you’ve not already nominated such a person, you can send in written confirmation to in which after meeting GDPR requirements can be added to your account to speak on your behalf.

Email: Telephone: 01983 242424 Contact us:

We will always aim to try and resolve any issue within 48 hours of receiving your complaint. Where it isn’t possible to sort things out so quickly, we’ll always let you know the steps we plan to take to look further into and resolve your complaint. We’ll also give you time frames in which we’ll try to do this. If you prefer to receive written communication from us, then please ask.

Complaint Escalation

Once you’ve received your response, but you’re not happy with your response or the way the complaint was handled, you can progress your complaint to the WightFibre complaints team. You can email them at or post it to the address in the contacts section. Once they’ve received your email or letter, they’ll acknowledge it within 48 hours and respond to you within 5 working days from when the initial complaint is received to allow them time to investigate.

If after this you remain unhappy about how we handled your complaint, you can request that the complaint is escalated to David Beckett, our Customer Service Manager. You’ll receive acknowledgement within 48 hours and be provided with steps on how we plan to resolve the complaint within 5 working days.

If you feel your complaint isn’t progressing within the time frames given and have requested to escalate your complaint, but haven’t heard from us 48 hours after requesting this, please ask to speak to David Beckett, our Customer Service Manager, directly.

At this point, if you feel your complaint has not been dealt with to your satisfaction, it will be brought to the attention of the CEO of WightFibre, John Irvine, by the Customer Service Manager.

Resolved Complaints

We’ll always aim to resolve your complaints in a timely manner and will work with you to find a resolution.

To confirm that a complaint has been resolved, please clearly let us know that this is the case once a resolution has been found. If we have offered a resolution to you after formally making contact and we don’t hear from you, the complaint will be closed after 28 days of no contact.

Contract conditions

Terms and Conditions of our contractual relationship with customers can be found in the Customer Service Agreement published on our website. Contract periods are clearly identified and are either 12 or 24 months initially and monthly thereafter. Customers that cancel are required to pay rental charges until the end of the contract period.

Services can be cancelled within seven working days from when your order was placed at no charge. During cancellation periods, you remain liable for the costs of any services we provide.

Compensation or refund policy

You may be able to claim compensation if we fail to repair your service when we said we would. If you dispute your charges, we will re-check your bill and you will be credited if there is a problem exeeding a certain amount of time or a mistake made.

Alternative dispute resolution procedure – Independant Adjudication

If we can’t sort out your complaint (in a way you’re happy with) within a period of 8 weeks, or if we decide before the 8 weeks are up that we can’t do anything more to resolve things, we’ll issue a “deadlock” letter. You can then, if you choose, make a complaint through Ombudsman Services. Ombudsman Services offers an independent alternative dispute resolution scheme. It’s approved by Ofcom for the handling of consumer disputes. Its services are free of charge for residential and small business (those having 10 or fewer employees) Customers. Contact details can be found below;

Ombudsman Services,
PO Box 730,
Telephone 0330 440 1614
Web site:

How to obtain this Code of Practice

This Code of Practice is published on our Web site at Additional copies are available on request and free of charge to any domestic and small business customer. It can also be made available in alternative formats, e.g.  large print, etc.

Additional information

This Code has been approved by Ofcom for the purposes of section 52 of the Communications Act 2003. The Guidelines for producing codes of practice are on Ofcom’s Web site at: