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30Mb Fibre Optic Broadband

A faster and more responsive browsing experience

No waiting around for pages to load and great for streaming using tools like BBC iPlayer. Perfect for the average household.

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70Mb Fibre Optic Broadband

The need for speed

Great for families or shared houses where a few people are busy watching iPlayer or YouTube, browsing the Internet and playing online.

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152Mb Fibre Optic Broadband

The Island's fastest broadband - can you handle the speed?

The fastest Broadband on the Island. If you’re a power Internet user, or have a large family who all use the Internet at the same time then this is the best possible Internet experience available. It doesn’t get better than this…can you handle the speed?

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What Speed?

Who says you can't speed...

Which broadband speed does your household need?

Find out more & select the perfect broadband package.

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Why Fibre?

Fibre Optic Broadband isn’t just about superfast speeds

People have been talking about Broadband changing the way we live, work and play for a long time.  We can go online to purchase goods and services, watch movies and TV shows, download music, socialise, play games and work remotely.

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Test Your Broadband Speed

Are you the #fastestiw?

Find out how fast your broadband is with our broadband speed test and you could Win An iPad Air 64 GB.

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