150 years of Sainsburys – Online Archive

Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is celebrating its 150th anniversary with real food for thought. Over the course of the year, the independent Sainsbury Archive charity is digitising around 90,000 items from the past, placing them online for the first time.

By doing so, it’s helping visitors understand how retail has evolved while casting light on the Sainsbury Family and Britain’s changing social norms. It’s fascinating to look at old packaging, adverts and recipe cards, and see how staff uniforms have changed over the years. With a speedy search engine, helpfully highlighted items and loads of photos, it’s certainly worth checking out. Features include:


Look back at key moments in Sainsbury’s history, broken down into different eras


Learn about the Sainsbury family, see photos of workers from its past and view wartime images


Search thousands of items related to Sainsbury’s and click them to find out more


Discover when branches near you opened and closed, and see how the chain has grown

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