5 New Apps from Google for Android have landed

Last week Google launched 5 new digital wellbeing apps for your Android device. The idea is to restrict or optimise the time spent using your phone. Some are odd, some are actually quite obvious ideas and some are innovative, but they’re all definitely worth a look!

Unlock Clock

The first app we’re going to look at is “Unlock Clock.” This functions as a live wallpaper which shows you how many times you’ve unlocked your phone that day. Once you’ve downloaded just go to where you would usually select your wallpaper to activate it. “Unlock Clock” is available on the Play Store now.

Post Box

The next wellbeing app from Google for Android is “Post Box.” This is designed to limit the amount of times notifications come up on your phone. Post Box gathers your notifications throughout the day for you and delivers them in an organised way up to four times in the day. You can see the process below and try it for yourself here: download Post Box from the Play Store now.

We Flip

“We Flip” is designed to encourage the user to reduce the amount of time on their device whilst with a group of people. Everyone needs to download the app and pair devices when you meet up – then just flip the ‘on’ switch to start a session. The app can track who sneaks a peek at their mobile and when someone actually unlocks their phone it will end the session and provide the group with stats. Try it next time you meetup with your friends: download from the Play Store.

Desert Island

Google’s “Desert Island” is a digital wellbeing app for Android which is designed to find out what’s most important to you – the user. The app takes over your phone and only includes shortcuts to the apps that you tend to use most such as the camera, note-taking, messages, and email. The apps listed are chosen by the user and it will challenges you to stay like that for 24 hours. Desert Island is available on the Play Store for you to download now.


Morph is designed to adapt to whatever it is you’re doing at the time. It will aim to deliver the right apps at the right time, for example it may display email, calendar, and document apps during your working day and social apps and games in the evening. Morph is available on the Play Store.