The 72 New Emojis Coming Your iPhone Soon!

Last week, Apple released a developer preview of iOS 10.2 which is the next update to be released to iPhone users. One part of the preview that everyone was excited to see was the new range of over seventy emoticons that will be available.

Emoticons, or ’emojis’ as some may refer to them, are symbols which can be added to text messages in order to better portray how you are feeling during a conversation that you are having with the recipient(s). These latest emoticons are highly anticipated, including bacon, an owl, a flu face and even a ‘face-palm’ emoticon.

72 new emojis released for iphone users wightfibreApple’s latest iOS 10.2 update is set to be roll out towards the end of November and beginning of December (this year) but if you can’t wait, then you can find out how to join up for the Beta testing program by visiting Tech Radar’s site here.