Amazon launches new ‘try-before-buy’ service

One downside of online shopping is that you can’t try on items of clothing before you buy them, which means you have to pay to return garments that don’t fit. Amazon hopes to make things easier with its new Prime Wardrobe  service, which allows three to eight items to be delivered to your home at no initial charge – but only for members of its Prime subscription service.

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, head to for details of the service. Any item with the Prime Wardrobe logo can be delivered to your home free of charge, and you have seven days to try it on before returning it for free with the included shipping bag and label. Whatever you decide to keep, you pay for.

The service doesn’t apply to all clothing on Amazon, but it does include clothes, shoes and accessories across a range of participating brands. You’re also offered discounts relating to the number of items you choose to keep – from £5 off items worth £100, to £20 discounts on items worth £200 or more.

One of the frustrations of online shopping is ordering an item of clothing only to find it doesn’t fit properly. This can be mitigated by ordering the same item in multiple sizes, but that means paying upfront, fiddling with return systems and paying for your own delivery. This is why Amazon Wardrobe is a good idea, but it’s the selection of  clothes on offer that will make or break the service: it’s no good if the items you want aren’t available in your size.

This is another service that makes Amazon Prime an appealing subscription, along with free next-day delivery, video streaming and free books. However, you’ll have to be an avid online shopper to make the £79-a-year fee worthwhile or Prime Wardrobe alone.