Angel Radio Celebrate 10 Years Of Broadcasting

On 24th March Angel Radio celebrated 10 years of full time broadcasting over FM airwaves. The station specialises in playing music from 1900 to 1969 and invites listeners to contact them and share their memories.

Angel Radio began in 1999, broadcasting from above Age Concern in Newport until they were offered to move their operation into the offices of Wight Cable (now Wightfibre) in Love Lane, Cowes. This is where Angel Radio started their full time broadcasting over cable and also occasionally over FM when they could afford an RSL (Restricted Service Licence). The dedication and hard work of the whole Angel Radio team finally paid off at 11am on Saturday the 24th of March when the station went on air, full-time over FM

Angel FM was originally supported by the generosity of their loyal listeners, but after several OFCOMM applications and negotiations, they are now allowed to have a limited amount of sponsorship and advertising to help them to cover costs and stay on air. If you would like to sponsor a programme or advertise a local event or business, you can contact Angel radio by calling 01983 246 810 or emailing them via the Website.

You can find Angel Radio on 91.50 FM, on Wightfibre and online – here’s to another 10 years.