Website recommendation: Health For Kids

According to the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child health, there is no reliable evidence linking time spent onscreen with obesity and depression in children. This is just as well, because this colourful and engaging website encourages children aged from four to eleven to learn more about ways to stay healthy by interacting with its many resources.

Starring a host of friendly characters, exploring topics such as dental care, health and illnesses, and with games and quizzes to try, it’s hugely approachable and beautifully presented. Just the tonic for young health-conscious minds to enjoy.

Play Games
Help a constipated alien to digest the wholewhole p with the cartoon game, Pooper Shooter!

Dance Along
Jungle Boogie encourages children to get moving, with aYouTube video that’s been hailed as ‘Zumba for kids’.

Explore Feelings
The mental health and wellbeing section of this website includes an intuitive slideshow which encourages children to open up.

Healthy Eating
Fun and colourful characters teach children that a balanced diet is highly beneficial. There are quizzes about fat, salt and sugar.

So polish off that Easter chocolate, grab your little ones and log onto: