Best Easter viewing on Netflix 2022

We’ve been having a dig in the Netflix archives and checking out more recent releases for your Easter viewing! We’ve chosen a great selection for the whole family from the little ones with Hop to the more adult adaptation of Watership Down…

Peter Rabbit 2

The original Peter Rabbit movie was such a hit that we’ve all been eagerly anticipating the second one, although it did launch on Netflix quite discretely in December, so you can be forgiven for missing it! Aptly named ‘The Runaway’, in this sequel Peter gets bored of life in the garden and decides to escape to the city where he meets shady characters and ends up creating chaos for the whole family! With stunning graphics, this is one that the whole family will really enjoy.

A Week Away

This charming, wholesome family film stars Kevin Quinn, Jahbril Cook and Kali Bailey and tells the story of teenager Will Hawkins (Quinn) who goes to his first summer camp. Initially Will is not keen and is set on leaving the camp, but then he finds himself a friend, mentor and even a girl who melts his heart.


You would be hard pushed to not have seen this brilliant Easter themed film (mainly because it’s one of the only good recent ones!), but whether you’ve not seen it or you’ve watched it 20 times over, it never loses its charm! Hop into the fun and join E.B (the Easter Bunny’s son – voiced by Russel Brand) as he heads to Hollywood, determined to become a famous drummer in a rock band.

Watership Down

Perhaps not the cheeriest series to feature in an Easter special, but this has been so popular that we couldn’t leave it out! It is true that the animation lets us down a little, but the storyline and characters really make it a worth while watch. If you’re not familiar with Watership Down, then this is about a colony of rabbits who have to flee their home behind and find and defend a new one with tragedy and triumph along the way.

Young Messiah

In this 2016 film featuring Sean Bean, we follow the story of Jesus Christ age seven (played by Adam Greaves-Neal) as he and his family leave Egypt on a long journey to return home to Nazareth. This is a great film for Easter and one that the older children can enjoy as its age classification is 12+.

That’s all for our Easter recommendations, please do let us know on Facebook or Twitter what you will be watching.

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