Camping, Glamping and More…

Whether you prefer to commit to the mud and dust of a four day festival or like to keep yourself as preened and fresh as when you first arrived – we’re exploring the various camping options that you can choose from at this year’s Isle of Wight festival.  All other options are subject to additional fees, some small or only deposits and some more expensive for the real glamping experts…

Standard Camping

standard-camping-iow-festFor several years now, the Isle of Wight Festival Weekend ticket has included camping in the 180 acre campsite which is set-up parallel to the river Medina. All fields are named by colour so you can find all your fellow festival goers with ease and ensure that you camp in similar locations. The standard campsite includes toilets, drinking water and showers and there are also various food stalls and bars to enjoy.
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Cloudhouses Home of Yurts and Squrts

cloudhouses-1At the Isle of Wight Festival you can enjoy yurts and squrts which offer you comfortable and cosy accommodation of different sizes. The company Cloudhouses even offer a free monthly payment plan. As part of your yurt or squrt camping experience, Cloudhouses provide a reception tent with complimentary charging ports if you bring your UBS lead. Yurts and squrt can house two to nine people depending on which size you opt for.
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Eve’s Tipis

wts-eves-tipisSioux style tipis are available from Eve’s Tipis at the festival for an exciting, under-the-stars sleeping experience. If you want to, you can add soft furnishings and bedding – some of the large tipis for two people even have wooden framed double beds fitted. Just like Cloudhouses, Eve’s Tipis also have a friendly reception area with benches, dream catchers, charging points, power supplies for hair and make-up purposes and more.
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wts-festicketAmong other camping options, Podpads are available to book through Festicket. They are a ‘quirky boutique camping alternative to the traditional tent’. As with other camping options, Podpads are available in various sizes and styles to suit different budgets. All the pads are pre-pitched so that takes a lot of the hard work out of camping for you and they also have most of the amenities that you’d expect – toilets, showers etc.
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Love Your Tent

wts-loveyourtentThis is the fourth year the Love Your Tent will be in attendance at the Isle of Wight Festival, offering a calm and friendly environment for those that want to escape the partying and late night activities of the standard camping area. This area of camping also offers a pamper parlour, private cafe and has scouts on hand to help you with tasks such as erecting your tent or blowing up your airbed. The ethos behind Love Your Tent is that everyone who signs up for a spot will be respectful of others –  making for a tranquil, safe and clean camping experience.
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Pink Moon Camping

pinkmoonPink Moon Camping provide an exclusive camping experience, offering the luxury of home comforts and incredibly comfortable accommodation for your stay at the festival. Pink Moon say they are ‘passionate about offering a personable, professional service’ and reviews on the social media definitely seem to back up that claim. With a Pink Moon experience, you receive pre-pitched and boutique accommodation, hot showers, serviced toilets, a hair care parlour with mirrors, hairdryers/straighteners, USB charging, fresh drinking water and 24 hour security.
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Tangerine Fields

wts-tangerinePioneers of glamping, Tangerine Fields have been established for over 14 years now, being one of the first companies which worked on the basis that all a customer needs to do is book a pitch and turn up. Tangerine fields are often based close to the main arena and your tent along with any upgrades that you have chosen such as airbeds or head-torches will be ready and waiting for you – you can even arrange to camp right next to you friends. As with other providers, there’s a cafe, toilets, showers and charging points for your devices and styling appliances.
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