Celebrating Unique & Inspiring Island Children

Celebrating the achievements and remarkable spirit of young individuals and the joy it in turn brings families and the Island community is the main reason WightFibre are thrilled to annually sponsor The Child of Wight Awards 2023, organised by Isle of Wight Radio. These awards provide a platform to highlight the exceptional contributions made by children and teenagers, showcasing their resilience, talent, and positive impact on their communities.

Recognising the Unsung Heroes

The Child of Wight Awards aim to shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of young people, demonstrating their capacity to make a difference. From academic excellence and sporting prowess to acts of bravery, community service, and creativity, the awards encompass a wide range of areas in which young individuals can excel.


Celebrating the Winners

After the nominations period concludes, a panel of judges will meticulously review each entry, considering the stories, achievements, and impact of the young nominees. Following a thorough assessment, the winners will be chosen for each category. The award ceremony promises to be a heartwarming event, with proud families, friends, and the community coming together to celebrate the exceptional young heroes of the Isle of Wight. Let’s embrace the spirit of these awards and come together to support and uplift the young heroes of the Isle of Wight.

Click here to take a look back at the awards from last year at Tapnell Farm.