Wightfibre Christmas Tech Gift Guide 2019

As a future-proofing business, WightFibre are mad on tech! We’ve chosen 5 of the top releases for gifting that will have even the hardest to please tech fan excited on Christmas morning…

The C64

Available at: amazon.co.uk

RRP: £109.99

Indulge your commodore 64 nostalgia with this full-size replica, complete with joystick, 64 games and a keyboard that will transport you right back to the days of 8-bit computing. If you want to go even further back into history, you can flip The C64 into VIC20 mode – allowing you to explain to your children just how low-res computers were back in the early 80s! (There is also a mini version available which would make a good stocking-filler)

Tile Pro

Available at: amazon.co.uk

RRP: £29.99

The concept of Tile is that you add it to your luggage, keyring or other valuable item and you’ll always be able to find it – even if it’s out of range, then the wider Tile community can help you find it. The Tile Pro now has a larger range of 400ft and an incredibly loud ringer. You can now change the watch-style battery yourself and they last for up to a year on standby.

Fitbit Versa 2

Available from: fitbit.com

RRP: £199.99

While true fitness freaks will be better served by a smartwatch with GPS, the Versa 2 is a superb choice for anyone who wants a stylish watch, heart-rate tracking and the added option of an always-on screen, thanks to it’s AMOLED display. Add Fitbit’s popular app and community into the equatio

n and you have a highly desirable device.

Sphero RVR

Available from: amazon.co.uk

RRP: £249.99

This is a superbly versatile programming device and it’s an instant hit thanks to the point and drive play function, but from there you can develop children’s coding skills using a Scratch-like programming language right up to Javscript. Think of it as a Mars Rover for your Living room. There are plenty of education-based activities already available too, which helps to justify the high-end price tag.

Apple iPod Touch

Available from: apple.com/uk

RRP: from £199 (depending on storage size)

Not everyone wants, or can afford an iPhone, but there’s nothing quite like the slickness of the Apple interface and range of apps if you are looking for some on-the-go entertainment. The iPod Touch is fast, ranges from 32GB to 256GB and comes in six funky finishes. This version even still features a 3.5mm headphone jack too which is rather handy.