Create your own games with Giphy

The popular GIF search engine Giphy has just released a new platform called Arcade, on which you can play and share micro-games featuring retro-style graphics and stickers.

A lot of the games are clones of classics, such as Breakout and Asteroids – you just need to visit the website on your PC or mobile device, choose a title and drag or press on the screen to move the characters. Each game takes just seconds to play and the sound effects are like something out of the eighties (in the best way!).

What is most interesting about this service, is that you have the choice to remix the games and create titles from scratch by selecting one of 10 templates. You can choose your own characters from GIPHY’s searchable set of stickers, select a background and decide on which audio track to use.

The entire creation process can be done in less than a minute and then shared with others. Other players can then remix and share your game, increasing the level of engagement. There are expected to be more templates, games and options to appear as time goes on.

You can visit their new website by clicking > here < – do let us know what you think over on Facebook or Twitter.