The Wightfibre Technology Stop

At WightFibre we want to help you get to grips with technology and learn how it all works. We now have a dedicated support advisor to do exactly this. If you are a WightFibre customer read on to see how we can help you, free of charge.

If you have ever thought “I wish I could just call someone that will sort this out for me”, now you can! Ask Digi Dan a question below or call us on 01983 24 24 24 and ask to speak to Digi Dan. He will be more than happy to assist you.

Troubled by Technology?

  • Help with setting up a new email address – particularly after switching broadband supplier to us (for example from to a Gmail/Outlook account)
  • Help to setup and connect devices to your WiFi
  • Help connecting with family and friends through email and video calling services

Stuck with a Smart Phone?

  • Support to download and understand apps such as WhatsApp
  • Help with learning how to use WiFi / mobile data

Baffled by Broadband?

  • Advice on how broadband might benefit those who have never had it before
  • Help to educate customers on what it can enable them to do – for example shop online, connect with family and friends, look up information/advice on the web