Discover HomePod by Apple

Smart, voice-activated speakers have become all the rage, so it was inevitable that Apple would eventually create one of its own. HomePod is designed to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home and is powered by the brand’s popular virtual assistant Siri. Apple’s angle with their release seems to be that they are focusing on the device’s advanced audio quality, unlike what we’ve recently seen released by Amazon and Google.

The 7in speaker undoubtedly sounds better than its chief rivals, with audio experts even comparing it to the high-end speakers made by Sonos and Bang & Olufsen. It includes the same A8 chip that made its debut in the iPhone 6 and 6S, an upward-facing high-excursion woofer to provide a deep, effective bass and six sensitive microphones which are placed around the unit, that ensure Siri can hear and decipher your voice. According to Apple, the HomePod can actually sense its position in a room, enabling it to deliver the best possible sound.


If you’re looking for an attractive, voice-controlled speaker which features the very latest technology, then it’s certainly a speaker to consider. As well as voice you can control the unit by touch and it even learns from your usage, for example it will remember when you skip a track on Apple Music. Homepod will have access to 40 million songs and can be placed at the heart of your home.

Apple says the HomePod will be on sale in December in the UK and the official price hasn’t been confirmed, although in America it will cost around £270.

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