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How we connect your home to our network?

There are just a few simple steps when your property is on our network expansion area.

1. Wayleave. Most of our construction activity happens on public highways. However, sometimes we have to cross private land and when this happens we need permission from the owner. This permission has to be in writing and takes the form of an access agreement called a Wayleave. For homeowners, to make things easy, the Wayleave is already included in our standard terms and conditions.

2. Cabling and Construction. We will lay the fibre optic cables in a narrow trench under the roads and pavements up to a small access point on the pavement in front of the property. All construction is carried out by qualified, insured civil contractors and is usually completed within a few days. We will work with you to ensure there is minimal inconvenience and disruption.

As this is part of our network expansion work we won’t attach cables to your home. However, if in the future you choose to take WightFibre services with us, then cabling will be fitted as part of your installation. At this point, you will have an opportunity to agree with us the route of the cabling.

3. Order. Your area is now connected and you have the ability to request a full-fibre connection to the Island’s fastest network. Call us on 240 240 to order.

4. Installation. Once you’ve chosen the services that suit you, we will agree an installation date. On the agreed date, our friendly Engineers will get you up and running. They will lay a cable from the join near your property and lay a cable from the footpath to your property via a route agreed with you. Equipment is installed on both the outside and inside of your property, again in locations agreed with you.

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