Explore the capital with Layers of London

The origins of our London go back to Roman times, with the creation of Londinium, so it’s not surprising that our capital city holds such a wealth of historic detail. Using this layered map you can revisit the past by combining historic maps with photos of buildings, information and films.

All you need to do is select a date range and then choose between the 1682 Morgan map, the 1746 Roque map, RAF images and a satellite view.

In addition to the four main overlays, there are twenty-one curated and public collections. These look at, for example, literary London and musicians in the capital. Clicking the blue pins displays additional information, and you can search for places, events and landmarks, too.

The curators are currently looking for visitors to supply their own information to add more places of interest to the map, so why not get involved and submit yours here.