Exploring Snapchat’s latest ‘Snap Map’ update

Social media service Snapchat has recently released a new update which some users and parents may wish to be wary of, especially younger ‘Snapchatters’. The popular photo sharing app now has a tracker which allows other users to see where you are uploading your photos from and the precision is scarily accurate.

The latest update from Snapchat allows you to see the exact area, town, street and even house of any user. Several parent groups have warned that this may pose a risk to younger users and leave them exposed to people who they have added as friends but do not necessarily know outside of the app. In response to this, Snapchat has informed users that the service is an opt-in facility that comes switched-off by default with the option of activation should you so wish. In addition to this, your position on the live map or ‘Snap Map’ is only visible to your Snapchat friends or a selection of friends – however you choose to set it up and by enabling Ghost Mode you are able to hide your location.

If you would like to access your Snap Map, all you need to do is pinch and zoom out from the camera mode on the app – something you are walked through when you first open your new update.

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