Facebook Announces Messenger 4 Update

You may have noticed that over the last year, Facebook Messenger has increased the variety of functions that it offers – from games and payment options and event reminders. Now, the latest update brings the user interface back to its original appearance whilst still managing to promote its business objectives.


? The biggest change on the update is that the large camera button is replaced by a less-intrusive one next to the icon for sending a new text message, called “chats” tab.

? Click across to the “people” tab and it presents itself as a sort of Facebook Messenger phone book. Friends who are currently active and using Messenger at the same time as you will show up first in the contacts list, and next to their name is a little hand shaped button that you can click to send your friend a little wave.

? The last tab is called “discover”, this is where you can find recommendations of businesses and games in a section labeled “for you”.

? Rumour has it that Messenger also plans to add a sharp-looking dark mode, that reminds us of Twitter’s night-mode.

? What do you think of the redesigned Messenger? Have you had your update yet? Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.