Your Facebook News Feed is changing…

If you are a regular Facebook user, then you may have noticed that it has once again changed the algorithm for its News Feed to highlight posts by people you actually know, rather than allowing saturation from brands and businesses. Mark Zuckerberg has said that the aim is to refocus the site on “meaningful” interactions rather than “relevant content” to make the social network “good for people’s well-being”.


In theory, you should now see more posts by your friends and family and fewer suggestions of ‘content’ from businesses, news sites and other brands. Zuckerberg actually predicts that this change may result in users spending less time browsing Facebook and argues the time spent on it will be more “valuable”.

Facebook has been heavily criticised over the past year for failing to take serious action to combat the spread of fake news., but by refocusing the site on friends and family may make it much nicer to use.

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