Floating bridge naming postponed

Isle of Wight Council recently asked for suggestions on their Facebook page to name the new floating bridge linking Cowes to East Cowes. The most popular name, with an overwhelming response was Floaty Mc Floatface, followed by Blyskawica and Bridg-et. Over 3,000 people joined the discussion and petitions were even launched to support the name Floaty Mc Floatface and also for Blyskawica.

A short statement was released today (20th April) by Isle of Wight Council that the eagerly awaited announcement of the floating bridge’s name will be postponed due to impending local and general elections:

‘Full details will be circulated at the appropriate time.’ – Isle of Wight Council

The name Floaty Mc Floatface has evolved from the previous petition and news sensation of naming a polar research ship at around the same time last year.

The name Boaty Mc Boatface won with over 104,000 votes – more than three times its closest contender. It was hoped that the boat would be named after naturalist Sir David Attenborough, but the council could not ignore the amount of support behind the most popular name.

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