Fuss Free Mobile – Stop Nuisance Calls

Stop Nuisance Calls On Your Mobile

Your own personal operatorSpam and scam nuisance calls such as PPI and other ‘cold-callers’ are an increasingly annoying part of modern life. To provide a solution to this, WightFibre have developed a unique combination of technology and service which stops those calls ever reaching a Fuss Free Phone mobile.

When you sign up, you’re provided with a Trusted Callers List. This list provides WightFibre with the telephone numbers of the people you want to speak to.

For our No Nuisance calls service, we use this white list to ensure only the people who you want to speak to can call you. Only those named on your Trusted Contact List will be connected straight through to your Fuss Free Phone mobile.

Your Own Personal Operator

Fuss Free Phones Agent WIghtfibre BlogThe Fuss Free Phone service and the easy-to-use mobile phone are designed with you in mind. It takes all the technology that you need and simplifies it, so that you can be easily connected to your loved ones, the services you use or get help fast in an emergency.

How does it work? One of the things that makes Fuss Free Phones so different is our team of UK based telephonists, that means you don’t need to learn how to use all the functions of your phone. When you sign up, we ask you for the names and numbers of the people and places you want to call. Then, simply press the large button on the back of the phone and you’ll be connected to our telephonist who will put you through.

Our team of friendly telephonists can even read text messages to you or send them on your behalf.

The Best Phone For All Round Use

Doro 614 Fuss Free Phones PhoneThe Doro 614 has been chosen to be the best all-round phone for our Fuss Free Phones service. It features a fantastic screen, excellent contrast and large buttons for ease of use.

The clam-shell deisgn of the Doro 614 allows you to confidently answer and disconnect calls by simply opening or shutting the phone.

A brilliant feature of this phone is the chargng cradle that the phone is supplied with. The charging cradle is robust but small and saves any fuss of tangled cables and hard-to-find charger ports.

We can also help you in lots of other ways. Like booking a taxi or ordering flowers. If you call with an emergency we’ll call your designated friends and relatives or the emergency services and will stay on the phone until help arrives.

Would you like more information?

Simply call us on 01983 240 240 or click here for more info.