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Building the Gigabit Island
A different kind of broadband...
Gigabit Broadband

Get the Island's fastest broadband

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How do I get connected?

From tenants to landlords, developers to housing associations, homeowners to businesses and local councils, we’ve got all the info you need to get connected.


You might have heard the term Wayleave mentioned alongside our network expansion. It might seem complicated at first, but a Wayleave is simply the consent that WightFibre can carry out work on privately owned land or property. Whether you’re a developer, housing association, local authority, landlord or tenant, an access agreement must be obtained before WightFibre can install and maintain equipment on private land.

It’s really straightforward to get the access agreement you need to get your premises connected to our awesome services. For individual customers who are homeowners, to make things easy, the Wayleave is already included in our standard terms and conditions.

Click here to download our standard Wayleave document.

More great reasons to choose WightFibre's Full-Fibre Broadband

The Full-Fibre Experience
Experience the Internet like never before with instant downloads, crystal clear ultra HDTV and endless possibilities.

The Island’s fastest broadband is getting faster, blisteringly fast… speeds of 50Mb, 100Mb, 300Mb, 500Mb or 1000Mb as standard. Our new full-fibre broadband is 35x faster than the UK average and 12x faster than BT’s Infinity 2.

Less time buffering and more video chatting, uploading family videos, playing your favourite online games or watching Netflix in its full UltraHD 4K glory. There’s enough bandwidth for the entire family. All you need to do is click and you’re there.

You’ll experience the fastest Island speeds with a 100% full-fibre connection, but you can also get online wirelessly using our lightning quick WightFibre hub. Our hub is designed to perform at the latest standards (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) to give you the fastest possible WiFi speeds.

The Island’s fastest broadband is getting faster, blisteringly fast…our new full-fibre broadband is 35x faster than the UK average and 12x faster than BT’s Infinity 2.

All the TV, movies and box sets you could want, get Sky TV from WightFibre.

More TV on the go than any other provider, so you don’t need to be home to enjoy the best entertainment.

Our magic happens underground. No ugly satellite dishes and no loss of service, even when it’s tipping down.

Roadworks Update

The new service is delivered over fibre-optic cables which are laid all the way into the home. These are best laid underground rather than on poles. They will be laid in a narrow trench just a few inches across, mostly under pavements, up to a small access point on the pavement in front of a home or business property. All construction is carried out by qualified, insured civil contractors and is usually completed within a few days in each street.

We will work with households and business to ensure there is minimal inconvenience and disruption. We are also working with Island Roads and IW Council to co-ordinate the work with their road improvements and the work of other utility companies – all with the aim of minimising the inconvenience caused.

Click here to get roadworks updates

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WightFibre – FULL-FIBRE rollout on the Isle of Wight

Thanks to a £35M investment, WightFibre are looking forward to building a full-fibre network which is capable of delivering truly unlimited broadband speeds to Isle of Wight homes and businesses. Providing fibre optic all the way into the home also...

Gigabit Island news - New appointments & pilot areas announced

Several new key appointments have been announced  Wightfibre. The exciting Gigabit Island project is now underway – a project that will provide gigabit, full-fibre, future-proof broadband to more than 50,000 homes and businesses across the Isle of Wight.