Google Earth updated with exciting new features

A brand new version of Google Earth is now available and it seeks to educate as well as provide entertainment. There are multiple new features to enable you and your family to learn about the world that we live in, including Knowledge Cards that deliver historical information and interesting facts about more than 20,000 locations as you travel around the globe.

One exciting new feature which you can enjoy is to go on a thematic adventure. There are five options that you can choose from for your adventure: Editor’s Picks, Travel, Nature, Culture and History. The adventures even include video tours produced by BBC Earth and child-friendly options featuring popular Sesame Street characters.

When you click the 3D option you can now view cities and famous landmarks such as the Grand Canyon from a birds-eye view, flying across the landscape and zooming in and out. Another great update is that searching for locations is easier because you can now type more obscure terms or simply click the Google-coined option ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ to visit a place at random. All of Google Earth’s new features can be enjoyed through your Google Chrome browser or on Android, avoiding the need to download anything.

Visit Google Earth to explore the Isle of Wight and find beauty spots that you didn’t even know existed. You can even see places of historical significance such as Osborne House and Carisbrooke Castle, from above in HD.

If you find anything exciting on Google Earth from across the Island then please contact us on Facebook or Twitter with a screenshot and we’ll share your discoveries.