The Google Home Mini is here

If you’ve been considering a smart home system but are’t sure whether it’s money well spent, then this is the solution for you. Google Home’s new Mini hub is now for sale and in stark contrast to the full version which we reviewed several months ago, it is retailing at just £49.

The new Google Home Mini is the latest smart home system to be released and it’s budget price makes it the perfect device to try out before committing to anything bigger or more expensive such as the Echo from Amazon or the original Google Home.

The Google Home Mini boasts many of the original’s features such as faultless connectivity with other Google Cast devices, Bluetooth support, personalised content, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to search and play your media such as films and music or even display your photos on your television all by using voice control.

One slightly disappointing aspect of this new Google product is that the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired. The speaker is sufficient for use when controlling the unit, however if you want to listen to your music then it’d be better to pair the Google Home Mini with an external set of good quality speakers.

As well as working seamlessly with other Google products over your wireless internet connection, the Mini also boasts affiliation with many top brands including Nest, Netflix, Hive, BBC, Philips and Sony.

The Mini is available now, comes in chalk, coral, charcoal colours and is only 3.86 inches in diameter, meaning it will look stylish and tidy in any room and can be easily tucked away if necessary. An added bonus is that even though Android is associated with Google, the Mini also supports iOS operating systems meaning everyone can use it.

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