Google Maps ‘crowdedness’ could help your commute

Google has added a new feature to its Maps app that predicts how busy your train or bus will be. The data isn’t live but is based on information the company collected previously by asking bus passengers and train commuters if their journey was crowded and whether there were any seats available. The aim is to give users of public transport more insight to their journey and what to expect. A well as giving an indication of ‘crowdedness’, Google is rolling out live transit updates to cities that don’t already share information with their commuters. It even allows bus users to know when their transport is delayed.

The ‘crowdedness’ option will be available to use for Android and iOS versions of Google Maps in over 200 locations worldwide. 18 of those will be in the UK, including Birmingham Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Crawley, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Nottingham, Sheffield, Oxford, Reading and Southampton. The new feature will automatically kick-in when you go to plan a journey on the Maps app.

Did you know – If you use the Maps app and haven’t taken the time to explore your location settings, then you are probably having all your movements tracked by Google. The majority of access is used for reasons like avoiding traffic and busy shopping times, but it is always worth checking if it’s something you’re not comfortable with.