Google’s Top Searches of 2017

Given the political unrest the world has suffered in the past year, it’s great to see other issues on the mind of Google users around the World, including searching for the ingredients needed to make slime, which was the top ‘How to’ question asked in 2017, just ahead of ‘How to buy Bitcoin’ – another hot topic last year.

In the UK, top “what is” queries included searches for definitions of a hung parliament and exit poll, and “What is the Antikythera mechanism” (an Ancient Greek ‘computer’).

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the top trending person in the UK for the second year running was Prince Harry’s new fiance Meghan Markle, just ahead of the late Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.

People were also searching for more information about Hurricane Irma, the Manchester Arena bombing, Grenfell Tower, North Korea and the London Bridge attack.

The most searched for recipes of the year were chilli con carne and spaghetti bolognese – a need for comfort food, perhaps.

You can find out more interesting facts about the World’s searching habits of 2017 by visiting Google here.