Gudak – the disposable camera for your phone

Do you miss the days when you would buy a disposable camera, only have 24 photos to use before the camera was finished and then have to wait for the photos to be developed before you found out how good (or bad) they were?

Jump back in time using your smart device by downloading the Gudak Cam app which will turn your smart device into a vintage disposable Kodak-style camera. The app’s name originates from the Korean word Gudagdali blended with Kodak, Gudagdali quite aptly translates to ‘outdated’.


When the app is in use you are presented with the familiar disposable camera layout and the detail is fantastic, with the flash even making the high-pitched crescendo sound that it used to do as it warmed-up. With no real viewfinder to look through, the images you take are bound to be hit and miss, but that was the novelty of these types of cameras back in the 90’s.

To add to the authenticity of this app and combat the current age of instant gratification, you are only given 24 photos to take per day and you have to wait 3 days to be able to view your photos – just like you would if they were being developed.

Unfortunately Gudak Cam is currently only available for iOS users to download, but is coming to Android very soon.

Download Gudak now (there is a small charge for this app of around £0.99):

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