Service Update

Coombley Mast Outage – Wireless – 08:24am – 10:00am

This morning we experienced a mast outage in Coombley which resulted in a small number of customers losing service. Service has now been restored as an engineer has been to site and resolved.

If your services have not resumed, please contact our customer service team on 01983 24 24 24.

Kind Regards,

Wightfibre Customer Services Team

Update from IWASP Scam Alerts

This weeks scam message from Trading Standards has a couple of warnings

  • Lots of reports from residents about text messages purporting to be from different banks. They will ask you to click on a link and if you don’t have accounts with the bank they name this is easy to spot as a scam however the scammers may choose to use the name of the bank you use so just remember that Banks will NEVER contact you in this way. These texts can be forwarded to 7726 where they will be used to gather intelligence in the fight against scams
  • Again more reports this week of emails from various different organisations saying that your information is wrong, or has expired and telling you to click on a link to update – DON’T this is a scam. Scam emails can be forwarded to where it will be used to gather intelligence

Trading Standards are receiving a worrying number of reports about a Covid Vaccine Scam email.

Having seen a copy of this, it is incredibly realistic and the wording has clearly been taken straight from the NHS.

It will ask you to click on a link to accept your invitation however it will then ask you for personal details and then bank account details.

This is a SCAM please do not be fooled by the genuine looking branding. You will not be contacted in this way to receive your vaccine and the NHS will never ask for banking details.

Scam emails can be forwarded to

Stay Safe

Kind Regards,

WightFibre Customer Service Team








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