HomePass from WightFibre: The App that gives you full control of your broadband

Your WightFibre broadband is amongst the best broadband available anywhere in the world. Every home gets its own dedicated fibre so no sharing with your neighbours and no slowing down at peak times. But sometimes the Wi-Fi signal in your home doesn’t match that world class fibre. That’s why WightFibre gives you HomePass – a state of the art app for managing your in-home Wi-Fi and devices.

Enter HomePass, the app designed to put you in command of your home digital experience, allowing you full control over your full-fibre broadband and connected devices, plus a huge range of additional benefits all at no extra cost for WightFibre customers

HomePass is categorised into four distinct areas:

Adaptive, smart, intelligent Wi-Fi:

  • Low latency that allows you to have the speeds needed to Game uninterrupted.
  • Flawless Wi-Fi throughout your home, regardless of device type or room complexity (may require Wi-Fi extenders at additional cost)
  • Advanced AI ensures optimal connections tailored to your needs every day.

These features can all be found in HomePass’s Adapt section.

Being safe with Parental Controls:

  • Set personalised access and usage boundaries for each device with easy-to-use parental controls.
  • Manage visitor access effortlessly with various levels of permission settings.
  • Safeguard your children with content filtering and ad blocking for a secure online environment.

These features can all be found in HomePass’s Control section.

Personal Internet Protection:

  • Benefit from real-time threat detection and a constantly updating threat database.
  • Detect and quarantine suspicious devices to prevent intrusions.
  • Intrusion detection and external threat blocking provide comprehensive security for your connected home for ALL devices in your home.

These features can all be found in HomePass’s Guard section.

Home Security:

  • Alerts you when movement is detected in your home.
  • Alerts automatically turn on only when you leave your home and turn off when you return.
  • Allows you to see movement patterns over the last 7 days.

These features can all be found in HomePass’s Sense section.

HomePass is the perfect partner for your WightFibre, full-fibre broadband. From flawless connectivity and personalised device management to advanced cybersecurity features and total home awareness, HomePass revolutionises your digital home, all at no additional cost.

Download the HomePass App here:

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