How to use your wi-fi this Halloween

There are SO many opportunities for Halloween now when you begin to use smart devices and wireless networks! What’s good is you can also use it as a trial run for any interactive decorations you might be planning for Christmas…

Eerie Lighting

This may seem an obvious example of how your wi-fi can be used to create the ultimate spooky environment, but did you know you can use smart lighting devices through your smartphone or tablet to create different coloured lights around your home. In addition to this you can set timers to run certain lighting patterns. This doesn’t have to be expensive – check out these smart plugs from Amazon that are currently on offer (Oct 2022)

Spooky Sound Effects

By using your home’s wi-fi network you can play either seasonal songs to create a fun spooky disco or you could use background music to create a very spooky atmosphere and don’t forget – this could be paired with the controls for your lights for a real wow-factor!

Special Effects

How about a creepy fog rolling across the floor or a projection of something scary onto your shower curtain? This can all be done using smart plugs and certain triggers to activate the fun. Check out this set-up from Modern Family Life and Travel’s Youtube channel.

Motion Activated Scares

Continuing from special effects, the element of surprise is everything! Make sure that scares happen at the right moments every time with wireless, motion-activated sensors that can trigger your automated surprises! Forget the battery-operated décor! Use your Wi-Fi to set off a chain of events that will really make visitors believe something other-worldly is occurring!


Above all else, the best haunted house is a safe haunted house. Wireless security cameras can ensure the safety visitors, as well as yourself. (They’re also great for capturing your guests’ ridiculous reactions!) Using Wi-Fi-enabled surveillance will allow you to keep remembering you Halloween memories over and over.

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