What information are you sharing online without knowing?

Even if you think you’re being extra careful with your social media accounts, it’s still easy to unwittingly give away information about yourself. Facebook, in particular, holds a lot of personal data that advertisers can and do use, so it’s important to check now and again how much you’re sharing online to stop it being used it the wrong way.

A new tool called Supremo highlights the ‘secrets’ that you’re unknowingly displaying publicly online. It does this by getting you to sign in via Facebook before asking for access to your personal information. By doing so, it collects the information it says other sites have permission to access, including where you’ve travelled, the schools you attended, your photos and details of your relatives. It then presents all of this data on a single page, showing you just how much these websites could be learning about you.

If this worries you, then you can check out Supremo’s cheat sheet, which shows you the various Facebook privacy settings you should be paying attention to. You can also read advice on the type of content you should not be sharing. Once you’re done, just close the window – the site promises to remove all the information it has gathered about you.

Try Supremo now by clicking here.