iPads – The Future of the NHS?

iPads – The Future of the NHS?


Medopad for doctors

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As technology develops so does the way in which we use it. How we harness it, where we use it and when is rapidly changing as technology is continuously pumping out new gadgets and new ideas. One area which is rarely explored by the typical technology the general public use is within modern medicine. As hospitals continuously create mountains of data from their patients, there is a constant need to store and manage that data. This is where Medopad comes in.


Medopad Ltd, a British healthcare technology company based in London, have brought a new idea to the table; iPad applications that can orchestrate the extraction of health data from existing hospital databases and effectively put that information into the palm of a Doctor’s hand.

The Benefits of Medopad Apps

Among the many apps that Medopad have designed to help hospitals manage their data, one of the apps created by Medopad can even provide readings from patient’s heart monitors, within the hospital, straight to a Doctor’s iPad screen. This incredible development doesn’t just stop at heart monitors though; it can also receive historical medical files including both MRI scans and X-ray results, all via the iPad. This therefore means that patients can be checked up on and monitored from pretty much anywhere within that vicinity. Not only is that an efficient way or collating and monitoring data but inevitably it means Doctor’s time can be spread more efficiently to other patients.

Not only those listed above but there are a number of other benefits that Medopad Apps can bring:

Operational Benefits: Easier acquisition of data for operational management and decision making.

Clinical Benefits: Easier communication between individuals and teams regardless of location.

Cost Benefits: Decreased lengths of inpatient stay.

With the NHS being a stretched service as it is the cost benefits of these types of apps would be phenomenal; meaning that patients, potentially, could be seen to quicker, with ease and inevitably receive better quality health care.

To read the full benefits of Medopad Apps visit: http://www.medopad.com/medopad_Ltd/Medopad.html#widget2


A Healthy and Happy Future with WightFibre

We at WightFibre find this breakthrough very interesting. Not only does it look like it could set the future of the NHS on a brighter path but we have also come to realise that we could step in to help. If St Mary’s Hospital on the Isle of Wight is aiming to sign up for a service like the one Medopad offers, they will need a safe, reliable and affordable internet source to keep their apps up to date and running like clockwork. We therefore recommend, to any medical association on the Island, that it would be worth looking at our brilliant Broadband packages. Not only are we reliable, but at our prices you can’t go wrong.

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